Martin Brunner Trio - CD

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 The new generation of musicians is given from time to time a special room in the program of Jazz at the Castle. For them, the invitation from Mr. President means a lot – it means the appreciation of their talent (their jazz predecessors could have only dreamt about it) and effective promotion of their music through local performance and “live” albums, which paves their way to the international stage. Martin Brunner (1983) as one of the current garniture of jazzmen definitely merits such an honor; his trio played at the stage of Nová Galerie during the first part of the 70th concert on 26 January 2011.   

  1. Let The Rabbit To Tell Your Fortune
  2. City Danc
  3. Behind The Clouds
  4. Flash
  5. Recalling Thyme´s Scent
  6. Along The Yellow Path

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