Déczi + Markovič Reunion - CD

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The concert of the Jazz at the Castle cycle on 17 October 2011 was full of powerful and diverse moments.  The original Déczi– Markovič Reunion plan was just one part of the concert. Another “reunion” was the joint performance of Markovič and Slovak trumpeter Juraj Bartoš. Laco Déczi brought new ideas and information by presenting rather unknown new American co-musicians. A unique get-together of Juraj Bartoš and Laco Déczi, two trumpeters from different generations who became the most famous Slovak jazzmen around the world, also gave the concert a certain distinction. The rhythmical section gave the audience at the Castle an opportunity to get to know the current outstanding Slovak musicians.

  1. Dolphine Dance
  2. Travels
  3. 1239 A
  4. Catherine
  5. Tune 88
  6. Bill´s Hit Tune
  7. Blues
  8. Blue Bossa 

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